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Today's students have more options available to them than ever before and it isnít always necessary to go on campus to attend an accredited college or to get a higher education. The internet has changed online edu and made it easy to stay at home and go to school online.

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Whether you are going back to school to get a better job or a first year student. there are accredited online colleges that enable you to receive a degree in just about any area you want, from home. Many even offer some of the services of major colleges such as job placement assistance or career counseling. What ever type of program (accounting degree, psychology degree, business degree, degrees in computer related fields) you are looking for can be found online.

We built this web site to help students like you find the online schools that will help you achieve your professional and educational goals.

How To Go To School Online

To go to school online requires a internet connection. It could be from a notebook device such as an iPad, or a personal computer. Determine what type of education you are interested in, determine your budget and find an online school that matches your requirements. 

Review their curriculum, courses and review their policies, prices and fees. Apply to your selected school. *They usually have counselors that you can consult with before you apply.

Why -The advantages of going to school online are:

1) Convenience. We are a society of people who live in a fast paced world and when we can work education into our busy schedules and on our own terms we find that this is something we tend to like a lot.

2) Flexibility. You go to school online anywhere, anytime, 24x7. You donít have to attend class at a pre determined time or day. You can take these classes or do the work during your lunch break, while the kids are practicing soccer, while riding the train or bus. You do not need to be in the classroom every night at 6:00 pm in order to get the same degree of education.

3)Location. Online education comes to you wherever you happen to be able to connect to the Internet. Whether you are at home, at work, or your favorite Internet cafť you can have the convenience of taking your work with you and enjoying the environment in which you are completing your work.

4) Less Expensive. With online education, students attending traditional colleges, i.e. "brick and mortar" campuses had an average of $22,900 in student debt (2011).  Taking classes online can cut that cost significantly - cheaper tuition, you don't have to worry about convenience meals, childcare expenses, or gas guzzling trips to a college campus that thirty minutes away. You can now enjoy in your own home the benefits of an education without many of the financial hardships that are often associated with attending college.

5) Individual attention. With Online education students often have more one on one time with their professors than students in a traditional classroom. The online classroom is virtual and communication through email is necessary in this new learning environment.

Even if a earning a degree is not your goal, there are many courses  available for those interested in just learning more on different topics right  from the comfort of their own homes.  The idea of self-directed online learning opportunities can be appealing.

Get a degree, a better job, expand your horizons

Whether you are a first time college student or a professional that is returning to school after a long absence, attending  online schools can open new doors of opportunity for you.

With online schools and online classes it doesn't matter if you are in your pajamas or in a suit and tie you can still do the work you need to do online. You also might find that you can squeeze your education into your lunch hour.

Online classes offer great flexibility, whether you are hoping to earn a degree online or simply wish to broaden your horizons by taking a few online classes.  We review 10 top online schools for your online education.


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